Boutique Software Excellence

Amberdms provides quality Software-as-a-Service and Open Source software solutions including billing platforms, educational software and operational support systems such as DNS, Radius and LDAP management tools.

Amberdms Billing System

An open source billing platform that your business can build on.

The Amberdms Billing System (ABS) is an open source web application providing accounting, invoicing, service management and time keeping functions that are ideally suited for small and medium businesses as well as small ISPs and IT companies.

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Amberdms RTLB Database.

Amberdms RTLB Database

Quality web-based tools for New Zealand educators.

The Amberdms RTLB Database is an online software service designed to make case management and reporting easier for New Zealand RTLB educational organisations.

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Open Source

Amberdms provides numerous open source applications. Source code and documentation can be found in our project tracker.

Software Repositories

Amberdms provides yum/rpm and apt-get/deb repositories for popular GNU/Linux distributions including RHEL, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu.

Based Down Under

Operated and hosted from the New Zealand and Australia region.

Other Projects

Amberdms is not actively looking for new clients, however we sometimes take on new ventures or projects with other individuals or organisations where interests align.